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Travel Tips: How to pack for a flight like a professional traveler

You’ve probably heard the saying, “Flying is the second greatest thrill known to man…Landing is the first!” Well, that’s only true if you follow these simple travel tips on how to prepare and pack like a pro before you even get off the ground.

Let’s face it, getting ready for your latest trip can be stressful if you haven’t put together a well thought out packing plan ahead of time.  These six simple tips won’t necessarily turn you into a professional traveler, but you will be able to say that you prepare and pack like one.

    The first and most important thing you need to do has nothing to do with what will be inside your suitcase, but everything to do with your overall travel plans.  Make sure you confirm EVERYTHING.  Are you still booked for your flight? Is it taking off at the time that you reserved? Has your hotel check-in time changed and will your car-rental be available once you land?  No one likes a last-minute surprise due to a cancellation or disruption.

    Choosing what you will want to wear will be totally dependent upon the most current weather conditions related to your departure and arrival destination. Over packing for scheduled events or activities without any regard towards the weather report is not only foolish, but could cause an unnecessary amount of clothing and gear to never be even taken out of your suitcase.

    It can be very costly if you do not follow all of the airline standards for size and weight. When packing your suitcase, think “less is more.” The best advice that can be given is to pack the day before your trip and not let an inch of space go to waste. By organizing ahead of time you can prioritize what stays and what doesn’t. Stuffing socks in your shoes, rolling your clothes tightly and laying them in stackable rows on the bottom of your suitcase are only some of the things that will allow you to squeeze as much as you can into the space allowed. If you don’t necessarily need it, don’t pack it. There’s no reason to fill your bag with items of clothing and incidentals that you could do without.

    Although many U.S. carriers don’t have weight limits on carry-on bags, they do have size limits.  So, when considering ‘carry-on’ items, attempt to pack things that will serve more than one purpose. Ask yourself if you really need to stuff a cell phone, camera, iPad and laptop into your bag when many belongings could do double duty? Additionally, if you’re looking to avoid the hassles and scrutiny of the TSA, Leave The Liquids At Home! You can always buy any essentials once you arrive.

    If the use of electronic devices are needed to accomplish the necessary tasks during your trip, the last thing you want is something low on power. No matter if it’s your phone, computer, GPS, electric shaver or any other electronic device you plan on using,  it’s best to charge everything the day before your trip.

    Prior to leaving for your trip and having to avoid searching for an ATM machine that might have surprise fees, visit your local bank. Withdraw an appropriate amount of cash, in small bills, that you would need for tipping and any additional expenses you would rather not charge on your credit cards.

If worry-free traveling and the avoidance of the hassles that go along with packing is what you’re looking for, just remember the old adage…“If you stay prepared, you won’t have to get prepared.” Hopefully, these travel tips will allow you to have a happy and stress-free trip to your next destination.

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