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Why Preparation for Pet Travel Is Important

It’s boarding time at the airport and with all the anxiety, frustrations and thoughts about what can and can’t go wrong, the last thing you want to be concerned about is the preparation needed for pet travel.

Let’s face it, taking a pet for a road trip in a car doesn’t take a lot of thought or planning, but bringing along your furry little friend on a commercial airline makes preparation for your pet travel very important. Before those four little paws step foot into any airline, there are five safety measures must already have been addressed.

Vaccinations -Travel Health Conditions

You obviously know about your own health, but do you know if your pet is healthy enough to fly? Visit your veterinarian, get the necessary vaccinations and make sure your pet isn’t physically sick, injured or has any health condition that would prevent it from flying.


A requirement for any airline transportation of a pet within the U.S. is the documented proof that it has no evidence of contagious disease, is free of parasites and that all its vaccinations are up to date. Having proof of ownership and tags with complete contact identification information are something you would additionally need to have on hand.


No one ever thinks about losing a pet during air travel.  But things do happen. Conventional methods of identification; dog tags and ID collars; can be lost, removed or slip off in transit, but having a microchip implanted into your pet will last a lifetime. Besides, if a pet is lost, any veterinary office, shelter, animal control office or humane society will have a scanner than can read the code on it and make it possible to reunite you with your furry family member.

Pet Carrier Preparation

Your pet will need to be transported in a portable kennel that meets with the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) and airline requirements.  When making reservations for your flight, notify the airline that you will be traveling with your pet and obtain their necessary policies and conditions.  Since your pet is going to be in the carrier for an extended amount of time, make sure the space inside is large enough for it to be able to fully stand, turn around and lie down comfortably. Ensure that there are labels with the words “Live Animals” placed on the sides and top of your carrier. The door mechanism must be secured and have a kennel ID tag attached. Place a food dish and water dish in a position inside the crate that can be filled without opening the crate. Most importantly, let your pet get familiar with the carrier weeks in advance so that the feelings of discomfort or uneasiness will be minimized on travel day.

Day of Travel Game Plan

To avoid any unnecessary stress to your animal, plan to be at the airport even earlier than you would if traveling alone in order to allow additional time to check in and to take a brief walk to relieve itself. Get suggestions from your veterinarian about a feeding schedule a few days prior to the planned trip.

Whenever you plan to travel with your pet, it’s important to feel comfortable knowing that you did everything you could for it to be safe, relaxed and at ease as possible.

When it comes down to it, you want your pet to have the best possible air travel experience. With a little foresight and research, you can feel good in knowing that you prepped your pet for travel without harming their health.


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