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Happy Holidays

At this time of year we should all reflect on the graces we have had this year, and focus on stopping and enjoying the moment. It is a season filled with a rich history of giving, grace and peace.
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Travel Tips: How to pack for a flight like a professional traveler

You've probably heard the saying, "Flying is the second greatest thrill known to man...Landing is the first!" Well, that's only true if you follow these simple travel tips on how to prepare and pack like a pro before you even get off the ground.
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Air Travel Side Effects: What Really Happens to Your Body When You Fly

For most people, flying on a commercial airliner can be an exciting, enjoyable and a fascinating event. Yet, for others, it brings out the worst in people...
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Why Airport Runways Have Numbers and What do They Actually Mean

The next time you go flying, no matter if you're seated in business class, economy class or stuck in the very last seats in the back of the plane, look out the window and pay particular attention to those giant numbers that are at both ends of the airport runways.
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9 Major Air Travel Mistakes You Must Avoid

If you plan on traveling for work or for pleasure, you should be alert for what we feel are the 9 major air travel mistakes every potential passenger should know about...
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