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About IBIS Airlines

IBIS AirlinesTM is indeed fortunate to have a number of airports in need of filling international routes that have been unceremoniously removed by major airlines in their quest to strengthen their key hubs. This has left IBIS with the unique advantage of using a disruptive business model that will take advantage of previously profitable international markets left empty by the major airlines. As an essentially ‘hubless’ carrier, IBIS is speaking with a number of major US airports to take over these abandoned routes. Many of the discussions include exclusivity on those routes and generous incentives, including advertising budgets for the routes and free ground charges for the first year.

By David M. Klein, Ph.D., Board of Directors, Executive VP and CMO

IBIS Key Management

Meet The Team
IBIS Management Team
Ian Herman
Marvin Ruthenberg
David Klein, Ph.D.
Jeffrey M. Fisher
Michael Burke
Mark Silverman
VP Flight Operations
Deuane Kuenzi
VP Maintenance
Beni Glover
Bill Carney

IBIS Airlines™ management team of seasoned veteran professionals with airline, investment and private equity backgrounds is positioning the company for rapid and sustainable success.

Ian Herman

Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Ian Herman is an accomplished Chief Executive Officer, multi-national operations leader, and start up & turnaround specialist with more than 30 years of success across the aviation, automotive, manufacturing, technology and telecommunications industries.

Ian’s distinguished career includes such highlights as: Serving several years as Chairman and Chief Executive Officer for British World Airlines; served as Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Global Aircraft Solutions, a U.S. public company which under Ian’s leadership, acquired Renegade Ventures Company, rebranded to provide aircraft maintenance, repair and overhaul services, to rapidly reach profitability status Mr. Herman also acquired World Jet Company, which encompassed aircraft trading, aircraft part sales, technical consulting, and leasing, with revenues that rapidly grew to $50 million with profits of $5 million; Ian held the prestigious position of Chairman and Board Member for the UK Department of Trade & Industry, London & South East Development Board operating on behalf of the British government, and received recognition from the government and the Queen for his services; Skilled at quickly assessing issues and implementing solutions to reverse downward trends in sales and profitability, Ian leverages strong planning, negotiation, and communication skills to lead his teams to professional success. Ian’s areas of expertise include financial analysis, company restructure, essential downsizing, expansion, mergers and acquisitions, and startups. He has a proven track record of accomplishment in attracting investor interest and venture capital.

Ian’s diverse experience, business savvy and charismatic personality make him uniquely qualified to serve as IBIS’s Chief Executive Officer


Marvin Ruthenberg

President Aviation Division

Marvin Ruthenberg brings more than 30 years of technical and administrative experience in the airline industry, including senior leadership positions. He is adept at establishing policies and procedures to ensure regulatory compliance, and has an outstanding record of cost reduction, product development and customer service.

He began his career with TWA and retired as a Senior VP and has since served in leadership positions at Dornier Seaplane Company, Cayman Airways, Avitech International and Seaplanes of Key West.

Mr. Ruthenberg earned his Bachelor of Science degree at Golden West University; graduated from the RCA Institute with studies in electronic technology; and Baker’s School of Aeronautics, where he studied aviation mechanic airframe and power plant.


David Klein, Ph.D.


A veteran, cross-disciplinary executive and consultant to Fortune 500 and emerging growth companies, taking new technologies from drawing board to market. Sat on the board of the University of Florida College of Health to aid technology transfer from the university to external commercialization. Successful career of building startup and emerging growth companies. He helped take his last company from start up to distribution into 7,000 retail locations.


Jeffrey M. Fisher

Chief Financial Officer

Jeff is a dynamic “hands-on” executive with extensive finance, accounting, and operations experience in diverse industries including aviation, e-commerce, financial services, architecture, publishing, legal, and entertainment.

He has a track record of over 20 years of improving operations, stimulating business growth, and maximizing profits through achievements in financial management, cost reductions, internal controls, and efficiency improvements. He also holds strong qualifications in general management, strategic planning, team building, and employee empowerment.

Jeff was the CFO, Treasurer and VP Administration at Sky One Holding, a rapidly growing asset management aviation company. There Jeff developed financial models enabling analysis of company’s operations and cost centers, conducted and acquired two rounds of investment financing, and was instrumental in realizing over $92,000 in previously denied claims with the IRS. In addition, Jeff audited maintenance source documents spotting previously omitted labor and parts costs, resulting in higher revenue and profit margins.

Before then he was controller of Destination Rewards, Inc, an incentive e-marketing company leading the company from negative to a positive cash position, with a multi-million dollar net income.

Jeff holds a Master of Business Administration, with specialized coursework in Finance & Operations.

Michael Burke

Vice President Sales

Michael Burke is Vice President of Sales for IBIS Airlines™, a privately held national airline company based on a disruptive business model that will fly large planes, offer the flying public deeply discounted fares, make quality customer service a top priority and operate several unique revenue centers that ensure continued low fares for an under-served population of fliers.

Burke brings twenty-five years of senior leadership experience in sales, operations, and business development. He has been focused on building and managing high performance sales organizations across the telecommunications, consumer goods, retail, manufacturing and aviation industries. Burke is a highly respected leader who maintains a commitment to professional development and diversity in the workplace.

In his current role with IBIS Airlines™, Burke is responsible for global sales and strategic client relations across the America’s IBIS Airlines™ markets. Additionally, he serves as a strategic advisor to the executive team on a global scale, working to ensure consistent execution across the geographic regions, as well as developing a set of consistent processes, programs, and roles that will eliminate redundancies and increase growth potential for the company.

Prior to joining IBIS Airlines™, Burke served as the VP of Sales for TB Enterprises, a global consulting partner, achieving consistent year-over-year sales growth throughout his five year tenure. He was instrumental in developing new approaches to capture critical market transitions, strengthening relationships with some of TB Enterprises most important partners, and implementing high-level customer centric adoption with midmarket customers.

Burke holds a Bachelor of Business Administration degree from Brenau University. He enjoys spending time with his family and is an avid golfer.


Mark D. Silverman

Sr. VP Capital Markets & Investor Relations

Mark Silverman brings with him many years of Wall Street investment banking experience, extensive relationships throughout the financial industry, and a particular focus on life science investments, both as a banker, and as an investor. Previously, Mark managed MDS Capital Partners, a fund devoted to life sciences, served as CEO of Burrill Merchant Group, and held senior management positions at Montgomery Securities, Pacific Growth Equities, Summer Street Research Partners, and LF Rothschild Unterberg Towbin. Mark received his MBA from New York University, where he also completed MS coursework in Biochemistry, and holds a B.S. in Biology from American University.

Vice-President of Flight Operations

The VP of Flight Operations – Has run multiple companies that delivered a wide variety of aviation functions for major Fortune One Hundred customers and US based international airlines. He has rendered services from business plan development through full DOT& FAA certification. VP Ops will support new business growth and regulatory guidance endeavors to fuel revenue growth, cost controls, regulatory compliance, process improvement and sound decision-making.

Deuane Kuenzi

Administrative VP

With over 30 years of experience in aviation, aerospace, government, sales training and management, Deuane Kuenzi possesses a particular set of skills that enable him to be uniquely qualified as the Senior Administrative Officer of the Company. While at The Boeing Company, Mr. Kuenzi was involved with the procurement of the Model 737, 727 and 747 aircraft engines and cowlings.

Mr. Kuenzi’s involvement with a very specific agency of the federal government involved the planning, implementation and analysis of operations in several parts of the world with the primary emphasis on the Americas and Australia. These operations required precision planning, information gathering, and flawless execution.

In more recent years, Mr. Kuenzi has been involved with the Department of Defense in the training of personnel for branches of the military and various agencies.

Mr. Kuenzi holds degrees from Pacific Lutheran University, Lewis and Clark College, The Ryan School of Finance and an honorary doctoral degree from New York University.


Vice-President of Maintenance

VP Maintenance – is a globally experienced Aviation Maintenance & Operations professional, with 30 years of expertise. The VP Maintenance began his career in operations with the U.S. Air Force. His career development included assignments in both maintenance and engineering. His accomplishments include full certification of a US air carrier Including all development and compliance of the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). He enhanced his capabilities by navigating the Department of Defense (DOD) & Civil Air Reserve Fleet (CRAF) certification for the airline.

Beni Glover

Director Web and Graphics

Beni Glover is the Director of Web and Graphics for IBIS Airlines, a privately held national airline company based on a disruptive business model that will fly large aircraft, offer the flying public deeply discounted fares, make quality customer service a top priority and operate several unique revenue centers that ensure continued low fares for an underserved population of fliers.

Glover has brought extensive creative design, website production and Internet marketing skills to the business environment for many years. She has worked extensively with startup businesses, helping owners go from starting their businesses, acquiring capital from investors to selling their products and services.

Her ability to bring together technology and creative design has helped businesses harness the power of the Internet to secure visibility and customers digitally, rather than relying solely on offline marketing methods.

Working from a strong understanding of branding, Glover has been instrumental in designing outstanding company logos that tell a company story at first glance, while incorporating the principles of Internet marketing into all that she creates.

Glover is a long-time student of the Internet, keeping current on the constantly changing Internet landscape, allowing her to provide advanced digital marketing techniques.

She enjoys architectural, interior design and traveling.


Bill Carney

Director of Social Media

Bill Carney is the Director of Social Media for IBIS Airlines, a privately held national airline company based on a disruptive business model that will fly large aircraft, offer the flying public deeply discounted fares, make quality customer service a top priority and operate several unique revenue centers that ensure continued low fares for an underserved population of fliers.

With over 17 years of experience as a consultant and digital marketing leader, Carney is an expert at producing and delivering marketing programs that support and grow the expansion of a company’s brand and services. He has a proven talent to spot trends and understand the dynamics of how to develop and implement the creative, data-driven social media strategies an organization needs to succeed.

His lifelong mission has been focused on driving results through disruptive, outside-the-box approaches that help to control the branding, digital marketing, creative strategy, content direction and social media management.

Prior to coming onboard with IBIS Airlines, Carney served as the marketing manager of a private mid-sized company and has also held positions as social media director and digital marketing manager.

A native of New Jersey, Carney holds a bachelor’s degree in Communications from Glassboro State College (Rowan University). He resides in Boca Raton, Florida, is an avid soccer fan and enjoys time experiencing South Florida art, culture and history.