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9 Major Air Travel Mistakes You Must Avoid

If you plan on traveling for work or for pleasure, you should be alert for what we feel are the 9 major air travel mistakes every potential passenger should know about and be expected to follow.

It doesn’t matter if you’re in business class, first class or economy class, no one ever wants to feel uncomfortable as they fly 35,000 feet above the earth in a fixed-winged aircraft propelled through the air by jet fueled engines that are the size of a small mobile home.

But sadly, flying for some isn’t what it used to be and unfortunately, many of us are going to have to put up with the annoying behaviors of a few. Here are our tips for things you should never do when flying on airplanes.

  1. Dozing off during takeoff or landing. The most critical point of any air flight is also when passengers should be most attentive. As a plane takes off or is on final approach, there is very little margin for error for the pilot to maneuver the aircraft in the unlikely event of an accident. Being asleep during this time is not only ill-advised but unsafe as well.
  2. Don’t walk around barefoot. Beside this practice of going without shoes being disgusting, the floor of an aircraft, especially the restrooms, are not something that you really want to walk around on. Many times planes have a quick turn around which leaves very little time for the lavatories and insides of a plane to be cleaned properly.
  3. Treat the flight attendants with courtesy and respect. Flight attendants spend months training on all the safety procedures that must be followed when flying. And you can bet that they have good memories and will remember if your initial attitude towards them was to treat them well or incredibly poor. Dealing with people as you wished they would treat you is not something that only comes into play when you are on the ground. It is a good practice you should follow at all times.
  4. Personal grooming habits are best done at home. If you’re someone who seriously thinks that cutting your toenails or painting your nails while in-flight is something not out of the ordinary, then you’re probably someone who has left your brains in the baggage claim area. So, the next time you feel the need to gross your fellow passengers out…don’t.
  5. Feeling as if the overhead compartment is your own personal space. An average aircraft can hold from 140 to over 500 passengers. There’s only so much room to go around. If you have a small light-weight bag, or one that carries a laptop or even a jacket you do not wish to place under your seat, stow it in the overhead. Recognize that one item should be placed in the bin and not your entire wardrobe.
  6. Drinking until you’re drunk. While the thought of boozing it up to help you fall asleep and to block out the ear splitting crying of the baby two seats away from you might seem like a good idea, a hangover upon arrival is not. And as an added thought…No one ever wants to sit next to an unruly drunk in a confined space for a 2-3 hour flight. So take it easy on the alcohol and be considerate to your seatmate next to you.
  7. Standing and blocking the isle. It’s always a good idea to stretch your legs when on a long flight. The potential of poor circulation and even blood clots in your legs is very real. But also be aware that while you might be comfortable standing around and extending your torso to feel at ease, certain body parts are going to be at eye level of the seated passenger. No one wants to have continued exposure to that…so keep it moving.
  8. Saying NO the beverage cart. Considering the length of travel, what type of aircraft you are on and the fact that the dryness of cabin air can cause you to become dehydrated, it’s not a good idea to avoid fluids when flying. When you see the flight attend roll by, say ‘Yes Please!’ and don’t be afraid to ask for refills.
  9. Demanding that you’re entitled to everything you want. Believe it or not, an airplane isn’t your personal living quarters. There are rules and regulations that are required by the federal government and are there for your safety and protection. Disregarding them can result in fines or even jail time. If you are asked by the flight crew to sit down…sit down. If they say turn off your phone or all electronic devices…do it. And by all means, don’t be a jerk and not bring your seat backs to a full upright position when asked. There are others flying with you so be considerate.

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